It All Started From...

admiring the little mercantile shops inside the iconic Ferry Building in San Francisco, California. While gazing at the mesmerizing drops of dark brown fluid dripping through a burlap sack colored, paper filter, I knew this was my chance to try what is known as "specialty coffee."

Without knowing much about Blue Bottle's policy of "getting coffee into the customers' hands within 48 hours," I was amazed by the strong aromas that reminded me of warm Sunday mornings at home while mom was brewing up what most Americans call "energy in a cup."  My obsession and love for specialty coffee was born after my first taste of pour over coffee from Blue Bottle. 

Blue Bottle San Francisco, Ca Ferry Building

Blue Bottle San Francisco, Ca Ferry Building

I scoured countless blogs, articles, and Instagram accounts about this movement and who and what companies were participating to push this industry forward. What I came to find was that I had so much to learn and so much to experience with the world and art of specialty coffee. 

My journey of at-home pour over started with sifting through online coffee roasting companies and blogs to find my first set-up: (Hario V60, Hario Buono Kettle, Hario Pour Over Stand, and a Porlex JP-30 Grinder).

From there, my voyage of coffee crawls to meeting some of the specialty coffee greats began... I've come to realize the love that these individuals pour into advocating for the industry is something truly intimate and methodical that drew me further into the art. Some influencers include (but of course NOT limited to) Kevin Bohlin of Saint Frank Coffee to Katie Carguilo at Counter Culture Coffee.

Through speaking with industry leaders, attending coffee cupping events, and crafting coffee as a barista at Saint Frank Coffee at Facebook HQ, I've come to find my place in bringing firsthand coffee content to YOU. 

Ultimately, I strive to be an instrument in advocating for such a unique and special industry that hits close to my heart; follow me on this journey, and together, we can inspire others to explore this beautiful art too.


With โ˜•๏ธ+โค๏ธ,





My very first pour over set-up!

Kevin Bohlin, Saint Frank Coffee

Katie Carguilo, Counter Culture Coffee