Rhetoric Coffee Mini-Series Pt. 1: Otis

It’s not everyday that I have the opportunity to cover a local Bay-Area based coffee micro-roasting company that adds such a punch and angst with its roasting game!

Rhetoric Coffee: Otis

Rhetoric Coffee: Otis

For Oakland based company, Rhetoric Coffee utilizes a mélange approach towards roasting its coffee beans, meaning to mix multiple roast levels; light, medium, and dark, all in one bag.

“What is the final product?” you may ask. A complex profile of taste notes and flavors shine through, especially when the coffee has had time to rest from its initial roast date.

That  mélange and artwork though..

That mélange and artwork though..

Aside from the company’s unique roasting techniques, Rhetoric also puts hand-screen printed art on its bag, giving you one of a kind, commissioned pieces of artwork created by local artists.

In this part one miniseries of covering Rhetoric Coffee, we’re looking at Otis, a mélange roasted blend of 100% Brazil Natural Pocos De Caldas. Upon opening the bag, you’re left with a beautiful array of different shaded color coffee beans because of the mélange.

Otis Brazil Natural Pocos De Caldas

Otis Brazil Natural Pocos De Caldas

Utilizing the Hario V60 method, the immediate taste notes of this coffee includes a deep and rounded taste of cherries covered in dark chocolate. At the finish, there is a very subtle essence of hazelnut that trickles over the palate.

Support this local coffee company, as every bag of coffee prepared and packed is done with love! Also, while you’re purchasing amazing coffee, you’re also giving back to aspiring artists who can continue doing what they do best.

To purchase Rhetoric Coffee, check out https://rhetoriccoffee.com/.


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