Acceleration of Growth Through Pain, Life, & Coffee

It’s been a minute that I’ve been gone. But sometimes, as you know, life happens. Lately, I’ve experienced a whirlwind of emotions ranging from the highest highs of happiness, and on the other spectrum, the lowest I could possibly imagine. I’ve given time to myself to decompress, embrace, and reflect on those moments and past events.

For one, I’ve always wanted to give more, inspire more, and just share with you guys that struggle and pain will always be present. It’s what we decide to do in these defining moments that ultimately shape what the outcome will be.

So through some of the reflections I’ve had the chance to do, here I go with sharing more about what’s been going on. I hope in some way, shape, or form, you can find relation with me, and to know that we are all human. We are enough. We are imperfectly, perfect. And that’s all we need to keep going. 

In the past 2 months, a lot has happened. I went through one of the toughest breakups with someone I can truly say I was in love with, I’ve gotten published by a national selling magazine, I’ve realized that friendship and family is one of the most important cornerstone foundations to have in this life, and I lost a friend and former coworker through it all. So I can say, it’s been a pretty rough ride. 

But what’s the significance that I’ve found and dug up through all of the reflection? It’s this: EVERYONE will and probably is dealing with some sort of pain in life. What you decide to do with the pain is a completely different subject that changes EVERYTHING. We ultimately have at least two choices: to wallow and suffer in it, or to rise above and work in conjunction with it. You see, pain, I’ve come to learn is a very complex, yet essential part to life. It teaches lessons and is absolutely essential for growth. Some of the most sought after figures in time have produced astonishing work because of the intense pain they were going through. Ie: Vincent Van Gogh

You’re probably wondering, what did I personally do? I will tell you that as hard and excuse my language, shitty times can be, I’ll say to smile through the tears. I made the decision to keep trudging forward because there is a purpose bigger than myself that I had to tend to. Through every hardship, there is a silver lining of optimism that I held onto. Though we lost some of the sweetest souls from the Oakland Fire (we all love you Micah), I know with every ounce of my body that these individuals lived their last moments doing what they loved. And for that, I can smile through the tears. The silver lining.

We will always remember Oakland ❤️

We will always remember Oakland ❤️

Through coffee, I’ve met some of the most supportive, genuine-hearted individuals. I absolutely adore all of you, and know that you show me love in ways I never thought possible. I hope this can inspire you. I’m back. And I’m stronger than ever. Because YOU are the reason why I do what I do.

With Love and Heart,