Struggles, Successes, and Believing in the Beauty of Dreams

Was there a time in your life that you felt a tight, compelling knot in your heart to pursue your dreams? To the point that you decided, “maybe, just MAYBE I should just go for it?!” If so, what I will say is that you’re absolutely NOT ALONE.

So far, my personal path and journey in specialty coffee has been and continues to be a wild ride, certainly one that I can look back on with a smile from ear to ear. I wanted to change things up this time around so instead of telling you about what’s been happening, I’m going to SHOW you through a fun time-lined infographic!

Throughout this process, I’ve learned to truly embrace every aspect of the grind: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Anything that’s worth smiling and being excited about inevitably requires patience, discipline, heart, and possessing the attitude to win.

As much as we as people naturally fear rejection, self-doubt, and especially failure, know these times can only sharpen self-resilience and mental strength to keep forging forward. Through the rejections I’ve received from countless companies to the skeptics who didn’t see fully with what I am pursuing, I’ve realized that as a vision is developed and honed in on, the clarity of direction brings peace and jubilance. RELENTLESSLY PROTECT YOUR VISION.

I want to thank all of you for supporting me on this amazing journey in specialty coffee. From companies to some of the amazing connections I’ve made in this industry, I am forever grateful for you. Know that your joy and curiosity in exploring the world of specialty coffee are one of the main reasons I continue to curate and create! I love all of my caffeinated specialty coffee lovers and in whatever way I can support you, please comment below and connect with me!


Always with ❤️+☕️,