“It was a no brainer to collaborate with Emmeline. It is clear that not only does she know her stuff, but she truly enjoys coffee and has a ton of fun showing it! The MistoBox Team considers her a great advocate for, and friend in the Specialty Coffee Community, and we will continue to look to her for inspiration. Keep up the great work Emmeline!”

-Melissa Hall, Brand Manager at MistoBox


It was a joy meeting Emmeline and getting to talk coffee for a while, and soon afterward something became clear to me. In a rapidly changing industry, informed, savvy bloggers and influencers like Emmeline are vitally important barometers for how we're doing as companies, how our messaging is coming across, and at the end of the day how good our coffee really is. I can't remember the last time that I met someone whose passion for coffee and the nuances of coffee branding identity was as strong as Emmeline's, and I look forward to working with her again – she's like a triple shot of single origin fresh, positive thinking! 

-Timothy Schofield, Director of Marketing & Communications at Ritual Coffee


"Emmeline is someone who is constantly striving to connect people through coffee. Her work bridges the gap between coffee farmers and coffee drinkers in a way that really brings us all together in one delicious cup. Emmeline's love and passion for coffee is just contagious!"

-Mokhtar Alkhanshali, Founder & CEO at Port of Mokha


"It was a pleasure working with Emmeline. Her enthusiasm for specialty coffee seems to permeate in everything she does. She made her goals simple and clear, which always helps in a collaborations. Looking forward to see her continue to grow in the industry."

-Cole Cuchna, Director of Education at Temple Coffee Roasters


“Prior to working with Emmeline for a few months as the Web Editor for Spoonful Magazine, I had been following EmmMeetsCoffee, thoroughly enjoying her approach to covering specialty coffee. I sought to bring her voice to Spoonful's website, and was thrilled when she agreed to come on board as a monthly coffee columnist. Her responsiveness, creativity, knowledge, enthusiasm, and consistent success in meeting deadlines with solid work makes it a joy to work with her!”

-Emily Kovak, Web Editor at Spoonful Magazine

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